empowering gaming and ai entertainment ecosystems

The KARRAT protocol is a decentralized gaming infrastructure layer, supported by $KARRAT and empowered by a truly decentralized community with a shared vision embracing gaming, entertainment and AI products catering for the new era.
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Our goal

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To accelerate the evolution of gaming, entertainment, and AI-driven experiences with blockchain technology and a truly empowered community.

Innovative Approach

The KARRAT protocol pioneers a decentralized framework in gaming and entertainment, combining blockchain with community-driven collaboration. $KARRAT can animate ecosystems of games and products and the protocol makes tools available to support these industries and the adoption of KARRAT technology provides a unique, personalized gaming experience.
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Cutting edge decentralized governance
Ground up design for gaming and entertainment industry utility
Infrastructure for a potential powerful network
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Empowering community and Developers

A realm of possibilities. Underpinning product utility, transactions, incentive systems, grants, partner utility and more.
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Unlock a new and empowered wave of consumers and communities that resonate with products on a deeper level.
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By embracing $KARRAT, you can be part of a community at the forefront of gaming, entertainment and AI innovation.
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// $KARRAT is an ERC20 utility and governance token with a fixed supply at 1 billion tokens. To learn more see Docs.

The $KARRAT Cake
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Early Contributors
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Team and advisors
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